This is a re-post of something I wrote in 2014 when I was a stay at home dad with my first son.

“From an engineering perspective, infants are poorly designed machines. They have a loud error-fault alarm that’s constantly going off and highly irritating to the operator and coworkers. They must be refueled almost hourly, but the fuel port is poorly designed and often gets backed up, leading to explosive fuel discharge all over the machine and the operator. They spew toxic waste, requiring a catchment basin that must be cleaned and replaced every couple hours to prevent corrosion on the waste port. And they have an easily clogged air-intake manifold that must be constantly monitored to prevent system shut-down. Whoever designed these things should be fired. When is the EPA going to get involved and help find a green alternative to these dirty machines?”

To all the parents our there, stay strong… it gets better!