Went a little stir-crazy being cooped up inside with the kids, so I decided we should get some exercise and make a quarantine workout video. It’s mostly for laughs (I have a full set of bumper plates downstairs), though some of these exercises did make me pretty sore for a few days. The kids really liked the “front squats” and “deadlifts”, so I definitely recommend those if you are strong enough to do them safely. The TP also made a surprisingly good wall ball :-) Just a quick note: the bleach bottles were refilled with water (don’t do that with actual bottles of bleach). Have fun with your kids and get some good exercise, but please don’t do anything that puts your kids in danger. Our healthcare system is overwhelmed enough without people injuring their kids trying to imitate a stupid YouTube video.

“Same Time” by Spence

The video is licensed CC-BY-4.0, so share it, remix it, or use it however you like, just give credit where credit is due.